Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Let the Ranting begin

The time has come to jump on the bandwagon. Of blogging that is. After months of reading my favorite blogs I decided I wanted to say something too.

I'm a mom of 2 incredible kiddos. We live on a small farm in Daviess County, MO...that's Missouri for those who never stop off in fly over country. Missouri is right in the middle of the country and truer Americans you could never find. I've lived in this county most of my life, with a few side trips to "The City" of Kansas City and a small town in Texas thrown in.

My foray into politics began in earnest while Bill Clinton was soiling the office of President (not to mention that blue dress).

I was raised in a family that voted Democrat. My father was a union iron worker, so of course, he leaned to that party. For a long time I considered myself "independent", stating I would vote for the best person, not the party....then Clinton happened. I'm sure you have heard of Reagan democrats, I became a full-fledged Conservative Republican thanks to Clinton, his enabling wife and the hypocritical democrat party.

The party of my father has become a nightmare. They still claim to care about American families but only the blind could believe that. How can a national party oppose saving innocent children's lives (abortion on demand)? How can they openly support the destruction of families and morality (gay marriage)? How can they openly oppose victory while our country is fighting a war? Do they want to see the fight brought to American shores? Wasn't September 11 enough for them to see reason?

Don't get me wrong, I hardly believe the Republican party is perfect. In fact, I'm not too thrilled with some of those in power right now as you will see in further rantings. I do believe the Republican party is the best vehicle we have to further real American values. A few bad apples with only an eye toward poll results (Hagel for one) haven't completely soiled the party, but they sure are trying.

I don't believe President Bush is an evil or stupid man. I think he is doing the best he can in a terrible situation. No one can expect perfection from any human being. I support the war on terror completely and would like to see it even more aggressively pursued. Iraq was not a mistake, though mistakes have been made. The enemy we face is like no other in history. We are fighting a political ideal of domination. People who do not value their life or that of their children is an evil unlike anything before. Until the followers of Islam begin to value the life of children and wish to see them grow old and prosper we will be fighting this war.

Well, that's more than I had planned to begin with and I still have more I'd love to comment on. All in good time....

Welcome to Rural Rantings, the thought and concerns of a Middle American mother.

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